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      Corporate Culture Overview

      Hexing Packaging will adhere to the business philosophy of "Combining aspirations to prosper, people to prosper the world ; Continuous innovation and pragmatic development", adhere to the core values of "integrity, happiness and sharing", face the country, and continuously optimize the "standardized factory" replication process, and strive to strive for Become one of the strongest comprehensive packaging companies in China with "specialization, scale and integration".

      Integrity, Happiness and Sharing

      Corporate Values

      We regard honesty and trustworthiness as our core value.

      With an honest and trustworthy team, we regard it as the cornerstone of the enterprise's survival

      Happiness is the affirmation of the past and the vision of the future. We regard it as the source of the enterprise.

      We have a passionate, innovative and enterprising team, which we regard as the foundation of enterprise development

      Sharing achievements with customers, sharing success with employees, and sharing responsibility for the society, we regard it as the responsibility of the enterprise.

      Shares the interests and responsibilities with the enterprise and society, which we regard as the guarantee for the sustainable operation of the enterprise

      「 "Healthy, Happy, Positive, Scientific" 」Work Concept

      Create a beautiful home for a learning-oriented enterprise, improve the employment mechanism of recognizing talents and valuing talents, and show a hard-working and enterprising life style. Continue to expand the business, build a wider stage, and provide a wider development space for outstanding talents. The company believes that it is the responsibility of the managers at all levels of Hexing to cultivate and shape talents. We remind ourselves all the time “Every man has his strong and weak points”; the key to cultivating talents is to pay attention to their specialties, educate them according to their aptitude, achieve brand talents, and create brand enterprises.

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