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      Sustainable Development

      While paying attention to our own development, we also actively undertake social responsibilities. We regard sustainable development as an important part of the company's business strategy and insist on integrating sustainable development into business operations. By formulating and promoting enterprise energy conservation and emission reduction measures, and actively implementing the national "double carbon" strategy, we strictly save energy, reduce carbon emissions, and protect the earth's ecological environment;

      we assist customers to use more environmentally friendly packaging materials and provide customers with green packaging solutions plan, save valuable forest resources, and jointly maintain the continuous development of the environment. At the same time, we pay attention to employee development and health and well-being, and actively promote corporate innovation, transformation and development, and strive to become a better green supplier and make our home more beautiful.

      Our Measures

      Protect The Earth

      Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

      Implement the “double carbon” strategy, install solar energy systems, and improve building energy efficiency

      Save water and electricity and reduce emissions


      Actively promote the recycling of cartons to reduce waste of resources

      Develop solutions for recycle boxes for customers, reducing the cost to customers by more than 30%

      Green Environmental Protection Packaging

      We actively develop and promote green environmental protection materials (water-based ink, water-based adhesive, solvent-free composite, water-based varnish) to replace traditional materials; and cooperate closely with suppliers to develop thinner and thinner materials, reduce the use of raw materials, provide customers with green packaging solutions, and jointly protect the earth's ecological environment.

      Environmental Certification

      In order to better fulfill the company's requirements for sustainable development; we are committed to purchasing FSC-certified base paper. FSC forest certification, also known as sustainable forest management certification, is a tool to use market mechanisms to promote sustainable forest management. FSC environmental certification ensures that the maximum amount of raw materials used by the company is controlled.

      Our Measures

      Employee Care


      We always adhere to talent-oriented, and strive to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for all employees, so that employees can recognize the company and have a sense of identity and belonging.

      Health and Safety

      We pay attention to the physical and mental health and safety of employees, advocate the work concept of "healthy, happy, active and scientific", provide job training and education training for all employees , and provide necessary safety protection measures to ensure the physical and mental health of employees and the safety of production of the enterprise .

      Our Measures


      Scientific Management System

      By establishing an ERP system platform, KPI index management system and building an Industry 4.0 digital factory, a scientific management system is implemented to improve the production and work efficiency of the enterprise.


      We focus on scientific research and innovation. We have R&D centers in Xiamen, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Singapore, respectively. The design centers have passed the ISTA international certification; and actively promote the research and development of paper-plastic technology.

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