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      HXPP appeared in the first World Dairy Industry Conference

      2023-08-09 1604


      At the first World Dairy Industry Conference held in Hohhot from August 4th to 7th, Xiamen Hexing packaging&printing co.,ltd , as one of the dairy packaging suppliers, was invited to participate in the exhibition.


      With the theme of "Innovative Cooperation, Green and low-carbon, Promoting the sustainable development of the world dairy industry", the exhibition invited leading domestic and foreign dairy enterprises, upstream and downstream industry suppliers, relevant industry associations and scholars to participate in the exhibition, sharing the experience and achievements of the development of the dairy industry and future development plans, and providing a good dialogue platform for the world's top enterprises, experts and scholars, the dairy industry and upstream and downstream suppliers. It also provides communication paths for enterprises to jointly explore new models of green and sustainable development of the industry.

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