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      Packaging Industry Ecosystem

      Packaging Supply Chain Platform

      Online and offline dual-track interaction, open up upstream and downstream to improve efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and realize the Internetization of the industrial chain

      Complete Packaging Solutions

      Provide customers with one-stop service from packaging design, manufacturing, procurement and product packaging, transportation, warehousing and shipping until the safe arrival of products at the destination

      Supply Chain Management

      Help our customers to reduce the tedious work of management of packaging material suppliers

      Intelligent Packaging Service

      Reorganize the packaging process for customers and provide an overall solution for packaging automation

      Supplier Management System

      Provide intelligent online material control and quality management

      CPS (Complete Packaging Solution)

      CPS(Complete Packaging Solution), also known as total packaging solution, refers to providing customers with an integrated package service from packaging design, packaging manufacturing, packaging third-party procurement, product packaging, transportation, warehousing, shipping until the safe arrival of the product at its destination. The overall packaging solution services provided by Hexing to customers include:

      ·Provide packaging solutions during the customer's product development stage;

      ·Provide packaging samples and conduct packaging tests in the trial production stage of customer product prototypes to verify the reliability and practicability of product packaging;

      ·Simplify the process and decompose the complicated and repetitive work for the procurement of all packaging materials for customers;

      ·Track the production and delivery of all packaging materials;

      ·Manage the packaging material warehouse and arrange the packaging materials to go online according to the customer's production plan ;

      ·Provide customers with product packaging, transportation, loading and unloading services.

      A Variety of Packaging Choice

      Corrugated Carton

      Color Box

      Buffer Materials

      Pulp Molding



      Wine Box



      Offset Printing

      Digital Printing

      3D Printing

      Laser Printers

      PSCP (Packaging Supply Chain Platform)

      Based on online and offline interaction, relying on a new generation of integrated Internet information technology, empowers the supply and demand sides of the packaging industry chain and other related parties through resource integration and integrated services , which enables the interaction and integration of information flow, product flow and capital flow among various business entities to form a networked and ecological multilateral platform. It is an efficient cooperative ecological organization based on the value creation of the industrial chain. Let the main members of the related parties in the industry chain integrate and optimize resources, interoperate and interconnect business, intelligently synergize manufacturing, and create and share value together, creating value-added and efficiency gains that cannot be achieved by a single organization, so as to achieve the vision of "packaging interconnection, ecological win-win".

      IPS (Intelligent Packaging Service)

      IPS - Intelligent Packaging Integration Service Project is a kind of automatic packaging designed to complete customers' product packaging process through intelligent packaging equipment, providing customers with a full range of services of design, procurement, integration and packaging operations.

      Automated Intelligent Packaging

      According to actual needs of customers, automate the transformation of existing or non -existing production lines to improve efficiency and increase production and income.

      Relying on the degree of automation of the production line , an automated intelligent warehouse is built, which greatly reduces labor costs and improves inventory efficiency.

      Supply Chain Management

      Help our customers to reduce the tedious work of management of packaging material suppliers

      Provide customers with AIP+SCM services based on Supplier Management (SCM) mode

      Vendor Management Inventory

      Provide intelligent online material control and quality management

      JIT material management

      Automatic maintenance of material in and out management system

      Wherever our clients are,
      we serve

      Geographic Service Area

      70%[Except Hong Kong, Macao And Taiwan Regions]
      National Production Base Coverage
      We have 142 subsidiaries and more than 70 production bases in mainland China and Southeast Asia, mainly in domestic coastal cities and the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions. Our services cover 70% of the country's provinces, and we can provide customers with a comprehensive and timely one-stop packaging service.

      Digital Operations

      ERP System Platform

      The company has independently developed and designed the intelligent network system integration in line with enterprise management, and centralized raw material procurement, production organization, sales development, customer relations, personnel administration, financial planning and logistics distribution in a unified ERP system platform according to the principle of modularization.

      KPI Indicator Management System

      The company has established a KPI indicator management system to collect and collect relevant key data such as financial data, production statistics (product qualification rate, base paper consumption, main production accessories (starch/ink consumption, fuel steam consumption, water and electricity consumption) of each subsidiary company, etc. Sorting, comparing, analyzing, comparing with the level of the same industry, quantifying the data affecting the cost in the production process, monitoring the changes of various operating indicators at any time, and dealing with abnormal situations quickly. Through the group-based and refined management model, The company has realized the organic combination of "efficient" operation of subsidiaries and "intensive" of large-scale development.

      Industry 4.0 Digital Factory

      In 2018, Hexing Group’s output value exceeded 10 billion yuan, and invested 300 million yuan to build a 4.0 smart factory - Hubei Hexin Intelligent Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. In 2020, the Hexin Intelligent Factory has been completed, and it will become an intelligent digital factory with complete functions and high automation that integrates detection intelligence, equipment intelligence, logistics intelligence, process intelligence, management intelligence, and central control intelligence.

      Common Growth and Partnership

      We always regard customers as long-term partners of the company. Hexing Packaging has grown up with the development of customers. Growing together with customers is the path of our company's development, whether it is to increase the layout of production bases according to customer needs, or for the research and development and investment of new technologies based on customers' future ideas, or the investment and research of innovative technology with customers, Hexing Packaging will adhere to customer-centricity, respond quickly to customer needs, and continue to create long-term value for customers. And then achieve customers.


      Global Top 500 Companies Are Our Customers


      Top 100 Domestic Companies Are Our Customers


      Top 100 Domestic Companies in Food and Beverage Industry


      Top 100 Domestic Companies in Communication Electronics Industry

      Honor and Status

      We are a well-known packaging service provider in Asia, and our production scale has been at the forefront of the industry for a long time. We believe that the most honorable honors we have won come from our contributions to the society, from our employees' recognition of us, from our customers' trust in us, and from our work for the social environment.


      Jobs We Create [Last 5 Years]


      Taxes We Paid [Last 5 Years]


      Cumulative Number of Customers Served


      The Corrugated Cardboard Produced Can Go Around The Earth [Nearly 5 Years]

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